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Person laying on sidewalk with potato chips and peanut butter cheese crackersHomeless person sleeping with potato chips and cheese peanut butter crackers delivered  
Potato Chips and Peanut Butter Cheese Crackers by homeless person in Berkeley CAThe Little Way Homeless Outreach delivers chips and peanut butter cheese crackers to homeless person sleeping  
Potato chips and peanut butter cheese crackers for sleeping homeless personHomeless person on sidewalk with chips and crackers delvered by The Little Way Homeless Outreach

Homeless person lays on sidewalk


Potato Chips handed out to feed the homeless Cheese and Peanut Butter Crackers to feed the homeless"The Little Way" Homeless Outreach hands out a bag of potato chips and a package of peanut butter and cheese crackers to homeless people on the streets. We also hand out socks to those who need them.

'The Little Way" is from Saint Therese, The Little Flower who teaches us that we can do small things to make a positive difference.

This project is funded by donations that are currently not tax deductible.

It costs about 60 cents to hand out chips and peanut butter crackers to one person.
Any donation amount appreciated.

Please donate at GoFundMe at  or send donations via paypal to

Currently we are serving in Berkeley CA. As of July 9, 2018 we have served the homeless 1182 times since mid March 2018.
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